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PlayStation VR on PC with PSVRFramework / PSVRToolbox Guide

Following the LibPSVR PSVR C Library, PlayStation 4 developer gusmanb has been working on PSVRFramework alongside PSVRToolbox... and with them zachhouseknecht put together a PlayStation VR on PC Guide for those interested

First off I would like to thank gusmanb & DerTooSoon for such a great start on not only the PSVRHack subreddit but also working on making a solution for PS VR to work (somewhat easily) with the PC

The only problem I was continually having was finding one place with step by step installation. I understand this is hard as people's setups may vary. But I found shortly after I downloaded what I needed and read one of DerToosoon's comments I figured out the process pretty easily.

First and foremost you will need your PS VR headset and the breakout box (obviously). Setup the breakout box how you normally would - except you are taking the HDMI that would regularly go into the PS4 and plugging that into your PC's HDMI out.

Step 1. Plug the breakout box USB into your Windows PC. Windows will attempt (and fail) to find drivers for most of the breakout box functionality aside from an audio driver.

Step 2. Download (if you haven't already) both PS VR Framework as well as libusb-win32. You need both of these to properly interface (easily) with the PS VR headset. I'm going to get you set up - what you do after is of your own accord.

Step 3A. Run libusb's "install-filter-win" that is appropriate for your system - there are options for amd64, ia64, and x86. Select "Install a Device Filter". You will be selecting "vid:054c pid:09af rev:0107 mi:05" USB Input Device" and then hitting install. Make sure you select that device - there are numerous devices titled similarly - don't make the same mistake I did the first time!

Step 3B. Make sure both "libusb0.dll" and "libusb0.sys" are in your "windows/system32" directory before progressing. This step is crucial to troubleshooting if you have issues later.

Step 4. Turn on the PSVR headset with the power button on the wire that runs to the headset - you should hear it's auditory "beep" and white light turn on. Run PSVRToolbox. You should be good to go. If you have any problems feel free to reach out to me here in this thread. I am not the creator, or a hacker myself necessarily, but someone that has great interest in getting this tech working on PC's for everybody.

YIKES - Literally just realized right before posting this that he has made a code change to allow it to work with WinUSB. I'll see if I can get it to work with WinUSB and post a tutorial - or update this one then. Thanks!

I was unable to get the newest PSVRToolbox - 0.3 - the one with WinUSB to work with my setup, even after uninstalling the filters. (Note: The latest version is PSVRToolboxPortable v0.4.6 linked Below).

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