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OpenPS3FTP v4.0 PS3 FTP Homebrew App Updates by Jjolano

PlayStation 3 homebrew developer jjolano recently released OpenPS3FTP v4.0 with some additional updates complete with the changes and source code
OpenPS3FTP is an open source FTP server for the PlayStation 3. It supports the basic FTP commands that the typical user would need to transfer files in and out of their console

It also provides read/write access to the console's flash partition, by mounting /dev_blind.

Currently, this server is optimized for stability over performance. A performance benefit is possible, but it seems libsysfs isn't cooperating.

Known issues:
  • Occasionally, file transfers do not register as complete. Seems to be more of an I/O problem with the PS3, but maybe fixable with libsysfs.
  • There is a limit to how many times a file or folder object can be created over the runtime of the app. Might be a kernel limit and thus not fixable. The workaround is to relaunch the app.
From the Github page are the changes, to quote: Version 4.0

This is what version 3.0 should have been. However, version 3.0 was written dev_blindly since I wasn't able to test it at all. Now that I'm able to make homebrews again, here's a fresh release of OpenPS3FTP!

Hope it isn't too late.

Would be great if PSL1GHT's libsysfs wasn't so wonky, since that will actually provide an additional performance boost over the vastly increased stability this release brings.

Version 4.0a

Fixed and improved a few things.

Version 4.0b

Implemented libsysfs for improved performance.

Download Link :

OpenPS3FTP v4.0 PKG 

OpenPS3FTP v4.0a PKG

OpenPS3FTP v4.0b PKG


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