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PS4 Xplorer v2.0 (by Lapy)

Homebrew developer Lapy who is known for his various releases on the PS4 and PS Vita, ranging from Games like Duck Hunt Remake to useful Utility apps like PS4 Xplorer / Ps4 App Lock just to name some of the developer's many projects. Has now turn his attention to a massive overhaul of that popular utility for the PS4, As PS4 Xplorer has been upgraded from v1.37 to v2.0 with lots of improvements for this long overdue update, This feature-rich File Manager does all the basic features of a file manager well with some added features like PKG Installation / FTP Support / Translation support for additional languages and much more. 

Things you may not know about PS4-Xplorer 2.0

  • Supported Firmware: 5.05 / 6.xx / 7.xx / 8.xx / 9.00
  • To move faster between files, hold L2.
  • All menus and file lists have loops, this means that if you press down again when you reach the last item in the list, the first item will be selected, and vice versa.
  • Now the application is able to detect when a USB storage device is connected or disconnected.
  • To select multiple files, use the R1... to select all, hold R2 and touch R1.
  • You can cancel multi-select with L2.
  • You can quickly access the content of connected USB devices using the DPad as a shortcut, left for usb0 and right for usbl.
  • To show the Advanced Options, hold L2 and touch triangle.
  • The Search option will analyze all files in the current location and its subfolders to find matches with the searched keyword.
  • When the search is finished, you will be able to visit the file you select touching X.
  • To install a language, just open the XLANG file with X and restart Xplorer.


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