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How To Hack Wii Mini with Bluebomb Using Linux Ubuntu

The Wii Mini has finally been hacked After 7 Years

Nintendo released the cheaper red coloured Wii Mini which was effectively a normal Wii but without many features including GameCube support, only one USB port, reduced video-out capabilities and no internet or SD Card support. As a result of the latter two omissions, existing Wii hacks such as Letterbomb and FlashHax were rendered useless on it and this left it unhackable for many years.

This changed thanks to the work of FullMetal5 who managed to find and exploit a vulnerability in the console’s Bluetooth stack a little under three weeks ago. Now, he has kindly released Bluebomb which is a complete hack allowing you to get HackMii on your console and install the Homebrew Channel so that you can enjoy the full hacked Wii experience! Furthermore, the exploit is also compatible on the regular Wii console although using it takes more work than Letterbomb so Wii owners should probably stick with that exploit.

Terminal Commands : 

cd $home
power on
select 0
connectable on
bondable on
discov on
power on
cd $home

d2x-cIOS (Wii Mini) installation

Start the d2x-cIOS installer via the homebrew channel and skip the disclaimer. Select the following settings:
  • Select cIOS: d2xl-v1-betaX
  • Select cIOS Base: 57
  • Select cIOS Slot: 249
Confirm with "A". This installs the cIOS with the IOS-Basis 57 in slot 249. After the successful installation, exit the installer with "B".

Now you can use USB-Loader on the Wii Mini!

Download Links :  

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December 11, 2019 at 1:14 PM delete

it dosent work it keeps on saying that ln: la cible 'lib/bluetooth/bluetooth.h' n'est pas un répertoire