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PS3 PSNpatch v2017.02/B

New Homebrew Blocker Feature when CFW (syscalls) is disabled

 A very useful feature has been introduced to the PSNpatch plugin, with the release of version
v2017.02 , the plugin already had the ability to refuse a PSN login if disable CFW syscalls (CFW disabling) was not enabled, which prevents those accidental logins before you disabled those CFW syscalls, which has been believed to prevent alot of bans, but this update takes it even a step farther but also disabling the ability to launch Homebrew with the new Homebrew Blocker feature that is activated (by default) when using the plugin to disable your cfw syscalls, which is essentially temporary disabling CFW until the next boot, this new update makes this feature an even safer option for accidental things such s launching a homebrew when your connected to PSN.

Latest PSNpatch Update v2017.02/B

- NEW HOMEBREW BLOCKER for PSNPatch plugin (read full usage details in docs);
- Homebrew Blocker configurable trough PSNPatch main app TOOLBOX;
- Instructions heavily updated to incorporate homebrew blocker - read them before placing questions !
- Source code from the homebrew blocker module included with PSNPatch official distribution.
- Source code for the PSN Servers lock module included in PSNPatch official distribution.
     Important Notes:

    - Homebrew blocker will block known homebrews and invalid title ids when syscalls are disabled;
    - It works only from PSNPATCH plugin;
    - Compatible with cobra and non-cobra (if plugin loader is installed).
    - Supports old, present and future firmware versions.
    - When cobra gets updated with its own blocker, psnpatch will detect and use it.
    - Carefully read instructions to properly understand how it works.

      • A very special THANK YOU to @aldostools for the suggestions made in optimizing the algorithm that identifies the unofficial title ids

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