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PS3 MAME Emulator FBNeo RL (Retro Loader)

FBNeo RL (Retro Loader)

The PS3 has seen a new release involving a fork of a popular emulation project. Following the work of @CaptainCPS-X 's Final Burn Alpha Retro Loader (FBA RL) (a fork of the FBA libretro core w/ custom frontend .

@Crystal has forked the homebrew project with the release of FBNeo RL. While the original release for CPS-X contained a modified version of fb_aplha (libretro Core), this version from Crystal now contains the recently released FBNeo (FinalBurn NEO) libretro core. Libretro is describing this core as a blend of "Final Burn Alpha and old versions of MAME". If you have used the FBA RL now the project before the biggest difference is the new fork will now have some MAME support and Crystal has made some other enchantments and changes listed below to fit the new core. Checkout this latest emulation release on a homebrew enabled console such as Custom Firmware (CFW) enabled PS3 or a PS3HEN powered PS3 for those console that can not install CFW,

As tribute of work's @CaptainCPS-X i have updated/upgrated FBAlpha RL to FBNeo RL​

  • New libretro core: Final Burn Neo v.;
  • Up to 6166 games recognized;
  • Added "display clone games" option;
  • Updated snaps;
  • Added original manuals by CpatainCPS (PS button) (maybe if someone has original sources was better, i havent found them);
  • Arcade games pack synced with FinalBurn Neo v0.2.97.44 (ClrMame Pro XML).dat;

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