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PS4 PS2 Classic GUI v1.0.0.21 - New Compatibility

If you have a Jailbroken PS4 and want to bring your personal PS2 Collection to your exploited PS4. Then this tool called PS4-PS2 Classic GUI by @The Darkprogramer

is an easy to use solution for transforming your old PS2 disc (note: tool only processes ISO file's, ps2 disc not support directly) into an installable PKG format PS2 Classic game. Recently @The Darkprogramer has provided an update to the tool with v1.0.0.21 and provided some new features and improvements such as the inclusion of a new Compatibility Check system on the fly when an ISO is loaded into the tool.

V1.0.0.20 - 21

  •     Added a fix for "Issue with the PS2 Classics GUI"
  •     Added a setting check for Jax and Daxter emu to ask users if they want to re-dwonload the emu if it already exists
  •     Added a small change to fox Jax and Daxter emu
  •     Added a few easter eggs ʘ‿ʘ
  •     Published as soon as Jax And Daxter is fixed users can redwonload the emu


  •     Added a fix for "Package Creation Fail"
  •     Added a setting for users to switch between using LibOrbisPKG or not


  •     Added a fix for "Not enough memory resources are available to process this command""
  •     Added a fix for "Nightshade breaks the converter"
  •     Added new Emu selector inside sittings (currently only 2 are supported Jax and Daxter and Max Pain(Default))
  •     Added a replace icon function on the file menu for issue #22

Still To do :

    PS4 Emu Config Editor (Currently will show just not do anything)

Games Compatibility Check

Download From Here 

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