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PS3 Play Games/Media from Burned Optical Media

New COBRA Feature [stage2.bin] by deank
UPDATE: FERROX COBRA (w/ 7.50 Cobra is also supported)

Developer @deank has followed up the very much improved NTFS External HDD Support in webMAN MOD, which another great release, this time around a new feature for the Cobra Payload Currently this release of (stage2.bin) only supports Habib's 4.81 STARBUCKS (v1.02 ) w/ COBRA 7.50 CFW & 4.81 FERROX (v1.02) COBRA 7.50 but we should see other CFW such as REBUG supporting this new changes that now give you the ability to play your Games / Media from Burned Optical Media, checkout all the media types deanks has tested and confirmed working.

I tested it thoroughly to make sure nothing is broken and nothing was

Original discs:
  1.     PS3 Game Disc - OK
  2.     PS2 Game Disc - OK
  3.     PS1 Game Disc - OK
  4.     Blu-ray Disc - OK
  5.     DVD Video - OK
Burned discs:

  1.     PS3 Game (DVD-R SL/DL)
  2.     PS2 Game (DVD-R)
  3.     PS2 Game (CD-R)
  4.     PS1 Game (CD-R)
  5.     AVCHD Disc (DVD-R SL/DL)
  6.     DVD-Video (DVD-R)
  7.     Data Disc (DVD-R)
  8.     Data Disc (CD-R)

@Joonie @habib This is a firmware feature and can't be added to applications, so it will be nice if it is included in the next Cobra revision.

The only changes are in storage_ext.c (which is firmware independent) in functions related to disc authentication/identification.

PS3 games can be burned to regular CD-R, DVD-R SL/DL, BD-R SL/DL, BD-RE

There is no need for game manager (multiMAN/IRIS/etc) or for webMAN/MOD when launching PS3 games from burned discs. The only requirement is that the disc is properly created (unencrypted, from proper ISO or from game folder using genps3iso) - the only check is that at sector 16 (0x10) offset 0x28 there must be a "PS3VOLUME" string.

How To Install The Stage2.Bin

(replace stage2.bin in /dev_blind/sys)

Download Links : 

stage2.bin ONLY FOR 4.81 Starbucks (v1.02) with Cobra 7.50 (deank)

stage2.bin ONLY FOR 4.81 FERROX (v1.02) with Cobra 7.50 (Alexander)

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