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PS4 Convert Sega Saturn To FPKG

SATURN-FPKG v1.0 by JabuPL
How to use it:
  1. Run SATURN-FPKG.exe
  2. Select a CUE file of your Saturn game in "Disc"
  3. Customize some settings (you can change the icon, ram cartridge, game title etc)
  4. Input a unique NP Title (auto game id detection coming soon!) or press the "Random NP Title" button
  5. Click "Create fPKG" and choose a storage location
  6. Install the created fPKG on your PS4 and play
  • Make sure you use a unique NP Title, otherwise you may overwrite some other game you already created!
  • You can select which RAM cartridge should be used for a game (eg Street Fighter Zero 3 uses the 4MB cart for better animations) and you can also hide the in-game "Press Options for Options" box by checking the "Hide Options Box" checkbox.
  • When playing a game press the touchpad or hold the Options button for a settings menu, you can change some display options and button configs there, you can also quick save/load/rewind the game there.
Known Issues:
  • Works only on fw 9.00, backporting needs be done to older fw's, if anyone backports this emulator to older fw's please let me know, I'll include them in an update.
  • Some games may crash when saving a state (Street Fighter Zero 3 does this), idk why yet.

  • The UI was redesigned(it's not so ugly anymore)
  • Some under-the-hood code cleanups/changes
  • Improved CUE parsing, no more problems with absolute paths and the app will now check if all .bin files exist
  • The app will now check if a valid Track1 .bin file is used in the CUE file
  • Added an error message when selectiong a game in ISO format, ISOs are not supported by the emulator and won't work(use proper CUE/BIN game images!)
  • Added automatic npTitle selection using a crc16 hash based on the games product id(no need to use the Randomize npTitle button anymore)
  • Added a True Transparency option(no more meshes!)
  • Added a Widescreen option(it just stretches the game into 16:9)
  • It's now possible to select a config file from the users pc(it overrides all config related options, like the widescreen and the transparency option!)
  • It's now possible to import custom game borders, .tex and .png files are supported(png images will be converted and rescaled automatically)
Download From Here 

New Version 1.1

Video Guide :


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