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PS3 XMB MOD Now have Individual Gameboots for each emulator


If you have an exploited PS3 and have been following some of the progress that @DeViL303 has made with XMB modding

Here are the files for Multi Gameboot Mod . This includes all the gameboots seen in the video above, and also I animated the Atari gameboot too.

Installation is the same as usual.

  • Put the custom_render_plugin.rco on flash in dev_blind/vsh/resource/
  • Put the rest of the files inside dev_hdd0/tmp/gameboot/
  • You need the very latest webMAN installed and running. You can get that HERE.

Keep in mind this is still a work in progress and could have bugs etc, When it is a bit more polished I will add an option to install these files in Ultimate Toolbox, and maybe even make a standalone installer.​

The latest build of webMAN MOD now supports the Multi Gameboot Mod

Or use the built-in updater.

1- webMAN MOD's FTP now support short path aliases:
Use ftp://192.168.xx.xx/res to mount /dev_blind & access /dev_blind/vsh/resource
Use ftp://192.168.xx.xx/tmp to go to folder /dev_hdd0/tmp

Other aliases are: /cov, /cvr, /pkg, /xmb, /xml, /PS3ISO, /GAMES, /ROMS, /BLES80608, etc.

2- In the folder /dev_hdd0/tmp/gameboot you can add media files ***_ICON1.PAM, ***_SND0.AT3, ***_PIC0.PNG, ***_PIC1.PNG, ***_PIC2.PNG. The example provided by DeViL303 only includes ***_PIC1.PNG

*** is the 3 letter code of the emulator: rom, sns, nes, gba, gby, gen, neo, mam, fba, pce, ata, cmd, ids.​

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