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PS3 IRISMAN 4.86 & MAMBA v8.3 by Aldostools

Support the new 4.86 (firmware) update.

What's new in IRISMAN 4.86?

  •     Detection of firmware 4.86
  •     Updated Movian 5.0.700 by deank / andoma
  •     Added MAMBA 8.3 for 4.84 to 4.86 (this is the main feature that needs to be tested)
  •     Fixed blackscreen loading IRISMAN if webMAN was running on nonCobra mode
New features in MAMBA 8.3:

  •     Restore disabled CFW Syscalls without Reboot just entering to Settings > System Update on XMB by aldo
  •     Auto-enable dev_blind by aldo
  •     Integrated fan controller (to control fan when webMAN is unloaded) by aldo
  •     Support Photo GUI integration with webMAN MOD (mount games from Photo column) by aldo/DeViL303
  •     Extended API with additional opcodes for developers by aldo
  •         LV1 Pokes (8bit, 16bit, 32bit, 64bit)
  •         LV2 Pokes (8bit, 16bit, 32bit, 64bit)
  •         Map Path Callback (experimental)
  •         Get Map Path info
  •         Get / Set fan speed
  •         Enable/disable features: Photo GUI, Auto mount dev_blind, Restore Syscalls
  •         Create CFW Syscalls (6,7,8,9,10,11,15,389,409)
  •         Updated ps3mapi_load_process_modules to load custom modules and system modules (by haxxxen)
  •         Added ps3mapi_get_process_module_info 
Increased from 24 to 32 the max number of map paths by aldo 

New features in MAMBA 8.2:

  •     On-the-fly reActPSN for activation of PSN content (rap files, edat, act.dat) by habib
  •     Load Kernel Plugins on startup or on demand (static & dynamic addresses) by habib
  •     Advanced QA Flag & Debug Settings Enabler by habib
  •     Custom Syscalls for set / get fan policy by habib
  •     LV2 module patches for download_plugin, autodownload_plugin, nas_plugin, psp remote play, etc. by Joonie/DeViL303
  •     Improvements to PS3MAPI by TheRouletteBoi
  •         Added a better set process memory by using the function used to actually write to process, this will allow user to write to memory where writing permissions are disabled.
  •         Added ps3mapi_process_page_allocate this function will allocate memory into the eboot process allowing your to write/read/execute code into start_address parameter
  •         Added ps3mapi_get_process_module_segments which will get the name, module path, module segments, module start and module stop address all in one function
  •         Added ps3mapi_create_process_thread to create thread into the process, This is useful if you want to load a small function into the process without needed make and load a sprx module 

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