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webMAN MOD 1.47.09 - 4.84 CFW (CEX) Support Added

webMAN MOD has received an update

@aldostools provided details and code that needed to be compiled for the new update,. Since developer aldostools doesn't have a ps3 environment setup currently for compiling. He requested someone to make the compile for him and our very own @kozarovv step in and compiled the latest update for webMAN MOD that should provide proper 4.84 CFW (CEX) support for the popular plugin. 

WebMAN MOD (by @aldostools) which a fork of the master project from @deank's webMAN (or sometimes unofficially called webMAN "vanilla") and while deank version is equipped with plenty of great features the "MOD" version takes it a bit farther and adds some new functionality not found in the original project, If you would like to learn more about the webMAN MOD plugin there is no better place then to checkout the official forum here in the psx-place forums with tons of information to get the most out of this handy plugin for CFW enabled PS3's with background plugin functionality (A Cobra CFW or a Standard CFW with MAMBA installed and equipped)

  • Added support for 4.84 (CEX) CFW.

Download Links :

Standard : Link

Rebugification Theme : Link 

Metalification Theme : Link
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