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ESP8266 PS4 Payloads HOST by KeeperDY for 4.55 / 5.05 OFW

Hi, guys! I know that there is a lot of ESP firmwares made by our gurus, but want to share another one with you also.

The most distinctive features are:
  • simple and light interface;
  • only main payloads without any mods, cheats, etc.;
  • no additional functions like autopayload, firmware update, etc.;
  • PS4 Wi-Fi "EASY" connection (no need to manually set up DNS and other settings at all);
  • all internet connection tests can be successfully passed, so no update info messages (saw some complaints on it even if all updates being blocked);
  • all payload have been thoroughly tested before release.
Version 3.0 for OFW 4.55 includes (latest payloads releases)

  • Original
  • HEN
  • HEN+VR
  • BackUp

Hidden in Additional menu

  • App2USB
  • FTP
  • FTP+RW
  • Dumper
  • Enable Browser
  • Disable/Enable Updates

Version 1.3 for OFW 5.05 includes:

  • Xvortex's HEN v1.6
  • Xvortex's FTP v1.3
  • Xvortex's Dumper v1.8
  • Stooged's BackUp v2
  • Stooged's App2Usb v1

Download Links : 

Download firmwares : OFW 4.55 / OFW 5.05

Upload firmware in .bin format via :  NodeMCU-PyFlasher 3.0 

Projects : Here



Al-Azif, Specter, Qwertyoruiopz, Flatz, XVortex, Stooged, LightningMods, Anonymous, Marcelstoer, The Open Orbis team, etc.
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