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now supporting additional RetroArch-libretro cores with new update
Developer @aldostools has supplied an update to one of the add-on's for webMAN MOD plugin for PS3 (CFW) user's. The PKGLAUNCHER feature which debuted on the project in wMM v1.45.04 allows for launching of RetroArch Roms from the XMB via the pkglauncher tool. With RetroArch making changes to cores names and new cores being supported on the PS3, developer Aldostools decided an update was needed and thus this new build has been rolled out for webMAN MOD user's. This is currently labeled as a test build so if you experience any issues be sure to drop a line in the comments below.​

PKGLauncher is an optional Add-on for webMAN MOD Plugin for PS3 Custom Firmware User's

Given the fact that the emulators may have different names due the different versions of RetroArch, I think it will be necessary to update the source code of PKGLAUNCH to make it test if the emulator SELF exists with one of their different names.Also I think recently RetroArch include more emulators cores. Not sure if these new cores work or not.​

I've attached a test build of PKG/ROM Launcher with support for cores from RetroArch 1.7.3 and 1.7.1 Extended.Version.​ 

Note not all cores play well on the PS3 (large majority play at full speed)​

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