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PKGDecrypt Fork by TheRadziu to Decrypt / Extract PS Vita PKGs

Decrypts and extracts PS Vita PKG

Last year we saw the initial release of PKGDecrypt which decrypts and extracts PS Vita Package (PKG) files, and today PlayStation Vita developer TheRadziu announced on Twitter a PKGDecrypt fork of St4rk's code for Windows x64 OS complete with a fully working license key system!


- Fully working on Windows x64 systems, extracts 1:1 files,
- Support for license keys and work.bin creation.


- Windows x64 (x32 coming soon after some beta testing is done)
- a) Vita with 3.60 henkaku, PKG file and license file for Vita installation
- b) PKG file for extraction purposes only.


pkg_dec file.pkg output_folder licensekey Last argument, license key is optional, if license key is incorrect(too long/too short) or simply missing, then PKG file will be extracted but without generating the work.bin file.


pkg_dec file.pkg output folder [license_key]



    Added full support for license keys, now if you use license key it will generate fully working work.bin file
    Added check for license, if license is not used, file work.bin will not be generated at all
    All *.bin files are now generated in proper location output_folder/sce_sys/packages/*.bin

Download Links :


Source code (zip)

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