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PS3 Convert & Inject v1 for PlayStation 3 Game Injecting by SvenGDK

PS3 Convert & Inject v1 is now available. Feel free to try it out!

If you're using PS3 Game Injection Methods on Official Firmware (OFW) then you may want to check out PS3 Convert & Inject v1 for game injecting by PlayStation 3 developer @SvenGDK.

Release notes v1:
  • Convert multiple PS3 games at once
  • Creates and manages game folders auto. (renaming BLES->NPEA ..)
  • Find Updates on
  • Extract .pkg files
  • Create an entire new backup with selected games
  • Inject games to your existing backup
  • Creates dev_hdd0 at games folder to save space or creates an entire new working directory

Changelogs v1.1:
  • Settings: German & French Language
  • Settings: Warnings (after conversion) if the game requires an 'Exclusive Method' with required informations
  • UI: Game Title now shows up in the Backup Manager
  • Fix: While converting games, the correct Game ID will be shown (After the first game it did show the converted name)

Little how-to:
  • Create a backup on your ps3 with the backup utility and copy it to your pc
  • Select your folder with your normal ps3 backups (unpacked)
  • Select on the list which games should be converted & wait
  • For each game you have to find an update (Please note max. 4.70! Check other tools/websites for game updates too!)
  • Extract the downloaded .pkg files and copy/move the BLESxxxxx/BLUSxxxxx folder to your ps3 backups folder (selected in the second step)
  • Now, for each extracted folder copy the EBOOT.BIN file from PKG/USRDIR/ to your converted game NPXX/USRDIR/
  • Your games are now ready to be injected into a backup
  • Now go to Backup Manager and select your ps3 backup folder from the first step and your ps3 backups folder containing the NPEB/NPEA/.. & BLES/BLUS/... folders
  • The list will load and can also contain unconverted games, so please look at the paths or create an extra directory for the converted games
  • Select which games should be injected (SELECT ALSO THE UPDATE FOLDERS BLES/BLUS/... !!!)
  • Click on Inject and relax. Depending on your system and game size this can take a while...
  •  After injection you can copy the ps3 backup folder to a FAT32 drive and restore it. (PS3/EXPORT/BACKUP)

Upcoming in v1.1:
  • German & French translations
  • Automatically extract update .pkg file -> move/copy folder to game backups-> copy EBOOT.BIN to right game directory
  • Bugfixes

Thanks to:
  • number201724's make_npdata
  • kakaroto's ps3xport

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