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PS VITA / PS TV FTPzilla Vita v0.9 - FTP Client by Team ONElua

This useful application will allow you to connect to ftp servers, and manage your files

Davis Nuñez‏ has released a welcomed utility for the PS Vita & PlayStation TV, FTPzilla Vita is as the developer describes as "an FTP client written in pure LUA, which is fast and functional". As FTP transfers are very useful for many devices, but for a homebrew enthusiast they are a must have. So keep a look on this FTP client that is already functional but aims to do even more in future updates. Checkout all the included released details from the dev. ​


    [up]/[down]: Browse the list of files.
    [cross]: Folder/Enter in directory selected - File/Download file selected to the root of the app.

Changelog 0.9

    Initial release.
    Added automatic network update. app will now notify you when there's a new update.
    Added config menu with some options.
    Support many unix servers.
    Support connection with pass.
    Support navigate between server files.
    Support download files.


    Add support to tls/ssl.
    Add support to libftpvita (no send the match in list).
    Add more support to variety of servers.
    Add more GUI.
    Add more stuff.

Report bugs

    if you see something wrong, please submit an issue or pull request.


    The idea comes from my friend and coder, Nekerafa.
    Icon By TinyLab in Deviantart.

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