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PS2 CONFIG Editor For PS3 CFW user's

Additional details about PS2 Config's can be seen in the post

Following developer Zar' s recent release of ManaGunz (a very useful ps3 homebrew/backup manager), the dev has a new release with PS2 CONFIG Editor that will write CONFIG files for your PS2 Games on PS3 CFW. These config flags can improve game compatibility on some titles as they have been proven to do so in the past, this tool is still in the early stages but this tool is a welcome sight for the community.

Ps2 Config Editor for the PS3​

I finally finished the app to easily create PS2 CONFIG files, I named it PS2 CONFIG editor :

For now, it only write CONFIG files perhaps later i'll add the possibility to read one.
I think i'll integrate in MGZ only the comands without paramters, like it's done in the tab "simple" of the exe

Download Link Below :

Download Link

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