IRISMAN 4.80.0 - Consoleinfo
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IRISMAN 4.80.0

Iris Manager fork including latest mamba from NzV.
Features :

- Added support for Mamba 3.x (thanks to PS3ITA)
- Implemented PRX Mamba Loader into IRISMAN
- Added load Mamba through PRX Loader payload.
- Added support to load Mamba uncompressed.
- Added display of payload version in Global menu
- webMAN now is auto-loaded with IRISMAN (the path of the plugin is set in settings.ini)
- Added display of CPU/RSX temperatures in File Manager
- Fixed various issues listing games.
- Changed version to match latest supported CFW version (like in multiMAN) 

Download Links : 

 IRISMAN (full)  Download 

IRISMAN Lite  Download 

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