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PS3 CCAPI v2.60 Rev.7 CFW4.76

Setup & Config Full Tutorial

ControlConsole API (CCAPI) 2.60 Rev7: Now supporting 4.76 CFW

CCAPI is a software that establishes a connection between your ps3 and your computer. You can control your ps3 from your pc. Some CCAPI functions:
Debug non-fself & fself in real time
Real time memory edit on CEX/DEX
Wire(less) connection
Module loading
Modify idps and psid
Edit console Leds
Ring console buzzer
Get ps3 temperature

Compatible firmwares
CFW (Cobra/Non-Cobra)
4.21 ,4.30, 4.40 ,4.41, 4.46, 4.50 ,4.53, 4.55, 4.60, 4.65, 4.70 CEX or DEX + 4.66, 4.75 CEX, 4.76

CCAPI Changelog:

  • 2.60
    (rev7) Added 4.76 CEX support
    (rev6) Added 4.75 DEX support
    (rev5) Added 4.75 CEX support
    (rev4) Added 4.70 DEX support
    (rev3) Added 4.70 CEX support
    (rev2) Added 4.66 CEX support
    Added 4.60/4.65 support
    Added Cobra support
    Added SetBootPsid/SetBootIdps/SetPsid
  • 2.50
    Added 4.53/4.55 support
    Added a console list
  • 2.00
    Reduced memory use
    DLL (C++ / C#) released to build programs for ccapi
  • 1.00
    Original version

Download Links Below :

CCAPI v2.60 Rev.7 CFW4.76 : Download

Video Tutorial :

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