PS3 CFW - PSNpatch 4.70.07 - Consoleinfo
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PS3 CFW - PSNpatch 4.70.07

PSNpatch - Information / Releases

  • New "STEALTH3" extensions for cobra (*);
  • non-cobra plugin installer improved for speed and compatibility;
  • XMB menus handling for WEBMAN removed (webman-mod automatically updates the XMB GAMES menus).
  • Includes Webman-mod 1.41.35-KW lite edition, english language.
  • psnpatch.pkg file is now LESS THAN 1MB !!!!
a) For non-tech users:

b)For tech users:
Cobra syscalls disabling improved to a new level:
A payload is installed in a random LV2 syscall, from where it immediatelly disables CFW syscalls (including its own) without any limitation or turnaround.
This directly bypasses any cobra syscalls table protections by using direct LV2 access (no poking needed).
No need to recompile for each existing or future cobra variant.
Independent from cobra, mamba, any other payload and firmware version.
It restores syscalls: 6(lv2 peek), 7(lv2 poke), 8(semi-lv1 peek / cobra, mamba, ps3mapi), 9(lv1 poke), 10, 11(full lv1 peek), xx(random psnpatch payload)
psnpatch plugin will report "Stealth3 ..." when successfully using this mode.

Download Link below : 

Link :

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