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Still Can’t Connect to PSN? We May Have a Fix for You

A temporary fix but may not work for everyone.

PlayStation Network services were restored last night after suffering ongoing outages since Christmas Eve, but for those PlayStation 4 users still unable to connect, we may have a temporary workaround for you.

Some users, including myself, were still unable to sign in even after power cycling our systems, as suggested by the official PlayStation support Twitter account. However, using a fix brought to light by Twitter user Chuck Davis, via Twitter user Thesirharden, myself and others were able to successfully sign into PSN.

The procedure, which may not work for everyone, involves users to make a few internet connection tweaks under the their console’s Settings menu. First, select “Set up Internet Connection” in the Network menu. Choose your connection type, select custom and connect to your internet. Choose custom at each screen prompt, except for MTU and set it as 1473 when prompted. Save settings and exit. You'll hopefully be able to successfully sign into PSN after making these tweaks.

It's important to note that changing the MTU parameters from the PS4s default 1500 is just a temporary fix to connect to PSN and you should change back to the original settings once the network is fully restored. The PlayStation support page currently states that "some latency may be experienced due to high volume" and recommends that users who continue to experience problems after PSN services are fully recovered to Contact Support.

Both Microsoft's Xbox Live and Sony's PlayStation Network services began suffering connectivity and functionality issues on December 24. Users experienced various problems, where they couldn't sign in, access online games or features. Both services had sporadic moments of varying functionality to complete network outages during the outage period.

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