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Sony's Secret London Shop Selling 20th Anniversary PS4s for £19.94

Queue amasses outside store after location is discovered; As many as 200 ultra-rare consoles to be sold.

The UK arm of PlayStation has opened a pop-up store at an undisclosed location in London, where it is selling the ultra-rare 20th Anniversary PlayStation 4 for £19.94.

Only 12,300 such consoles exist worldwide, and general stock sold out within minutes on Saturday as pre-orders opened in the US. One day later, these custom-designed consoles fetched as much as $20,000 on eBay.

So on Tuesday night, when PlayStation UK announced that it was selling 94 Anniversary PS4s for just £19.94, whilst offering some clues about where the shop was located, fans scrambled across London to find it.

By Wednesday morning, hours before the secret shop opened, a huge queue amassed outside. Those at the front had waited outside the store overnight.

By Wednesday morning, the secret location--found within the East London district Bethnal Green--quickly became common knowledge on social media.

In a bid to limit the number of resellers and business buyers, Sony said those who purchase the PS4 Anniversary Edition will need to trade in some kind of PlayStation memorabilia in their possession, be it an old console, or game, or related paraphernalia.

On Thursday and Friday, Sony will also be selling 100 Anniversary Edition PS4s at full retail price. All proceeds go to the UK charity GamesAid.

Further details on the limited deal can be found in the video above.
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