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Raft of Improvements Coming to Xbox One via New Update

Upgrades to Snap Mode, TV and SmartGlass coming October.

Microsoft community manager Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb has detailed a new package of updates for the Xbox One that will introduce a number of changes and improvements.

Hryb said key improvements from the update will enable "better multitasking while gaming, more ways to stay connected with friends, and new options for accessing your media".

Many of these changes will be available via a preview program, which is live now in certain regions such as the US, though the general release falls in October.

There are two aspects of the Xbox One that the updates will cover - Snap and TV.

For Snap Mode: 
  • New options give more direct access to Friends, Messages, Game DVR, Clock, and Battery Indicator.
  • Back-end improvements to Snap apps allow them to be opened easier mid-game.
  • A double-tap of the Xbox button allows players to open a new app in Snap mode.
  • An optimized Friends Snap app offers access to the Friends list without leaving the game.
  • A messages Snap app allows players to open, read and respond to messages in Snap mode.
  • An achievements App is updated to enable sharing of achievements, as well as comparisons with friends' data.
  • A new Friends section allows players to get a glance of what their friends are up to, as well as observing their recent activities and Gamerscore.
For TV and video: 
  • Media Player DLNA and MKV support
  • Live TV Trending - a new metric on which TV shows are most popular
  • Xbox One Digital TV Tuner support
  • Stream TV to SmartGlass (only available to those with an Xbox One Digital TV Tuner)
  • Live TV MiniGuide
  • More Internet TV Apps
Along with this, the October firmware update will introduce improvements to the Devices & Accessories page, which allows players to more easily assign accessories to specific users.

Owners will also be able to hide games and apps on their console. The SmartGlass application will also update with a range of improvements.

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