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Planetary Annihilation to Launch September 5

Galactic war. What is it good for?

Developer Uber Entertainment announced today via Twitter that the real-time strategy game Planetary Annihilation will see a full PC, Mac, and Linux release on September 5.

After receiving over $2 million dollars in funding from Kickstarter, the game entered into Steam Early Access on PC as an Alpha and was heavily criticized by many on the PC gaming service for costing $90 USD. Since that time, the price has dropped down to $30 USD, and access to the beta currently remains open.

The game will have different multiplayer modes, and recently it was revealed that Planetary Annihilation would also feature a single-player campaign called Galactic War. According to the developer, the solo campaign will take different paths each time it is played, as much of the game relies on random technology drops and special abilities. Several difficulty levels will also allow players the chance to tailor the experience to be just as expansive and challenging as they want it to be.

While harnessing the resources of solar systems, players of Planetary Annihilation will be tasked with creating armies with which they can wage war against enemies and destroy entire planets in an effort to win a galactic war.

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