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PS4 FW 9.00 SNESticle SNES Emulator for PS2 Converted to PS4 PKG


This is a Super Nintendo emulator for PS2. Can run many games at full 60fps. Is much faster than SNES Station. However compatibility with games that uses aditional chips like DSP-1 and SA1 chips is buggy and very limited. Mode-7 is implemented but not 100% finished. Don't expect full compatibility.

You can also download a ISO project below I made using the files on Github. This ISO can be played using OPL. This is just an ISO with no roms. You must find your own roms.

Those who want to create their own ISO. Go to the github page download SNESticle extract the zipped file then go to SNESticle\ Project\ ps2 here you find all files you need to make a ISO.

SNESticle Navigation controls:

    Press X to confirm
    Press ⛛ to go back
    Press R2 and L2 during gameplay to bring the emulator navigation menu and also to make Sram saves to your memory card. There is no savestate support. It does support zipped roms.

Some games known to run at full speed:

    Super Mario World
    Contra 3 - Alien Wars
    Donkey Kong County
    Super Ghouls and Ghosts
    Super Castlevania IV
    Pilot Wings

Download Links


SNESTicles.pkg (245.65 KB - includes SLUS_999.99.SNESticle.iso for PlayStation 2 consoles)

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