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PS4 Fw 9.00 ps4jbandroid updated to 3.4 (load PS4 Jailbreak from Android phone & Tablet)


Developer Rare Ranger has updated his tool ps4jbAndroid. Ps4jbAndroid is An Android app that lets you load the PS4 Jailbreak from your Android Phone. This simplifies loading the Jailbreak if you happen to have a smartphone. The latest version is now 3.4.

What is PS4jbAndroid

pOOBs4 PS4 exploit for v9.0 + automatic gold hen android app + Exploit USB Mountting

This is an android app that creates a http server and serves the pOOBs4 exploit. After the exploit is loaded the GoldHen payload is sent automatically.

What’s new in PS4jbAndroid

There have been many updates to the app since the last time we mentioned it (v2.1). Here’s a short summary of the updates since 2.2:

  • Add exploit caching so the exploit can run even when PS4 is offline. Credits to @Leeful. (
  • Add settings page to manually set PS4 IP address
  • Make logging textbox autoscroll and have a scrollbar when view is full
  • Added option to mount exploit image using phone as USB drive
  • Attempt to support new devices
  • Added Update Checker
  • Bug fixes and improvements
    • Fixed bug where adding a payload didn’t do anything
    • Fixed USB Mounting for some devices with CONFIGFS backend
    • General Bug fixes and improvements

 How To Use It

Once the app is installed on your phone:

  1. Connect your android device and PS4 to the same WiFi
  2. Click “Start Server” and enter the address that’s written above the button on the browser on your PS4 to run the exploit
  3. You should get the GoldHen notification when it’s done


Download The App apk From Here


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