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PS4 FW 9.00 Orbis Toolbox updated


Scene dev OSM has released a new alpha build of Orbis Toolbox for PS4, which brings compatibility with Firmware 9.00


 What is Orbis Toolbox for PS4

Orbis Toolbox is and add-on for the PS4 UI to help with launching and developing homebrew.

Orbis Toolbox Alpha 1190 – What’s new

Please Note this is a pre-release build and is not inclusive of all features as some are still being worked on. As well please expect there to be some bugs that need to be worked out. If you have any ideas or issues please submit an issue on this repo

Please note this will not work with the Hybrid Flasher nor Updater POC

    9.00 Support Confirmed working 1st_place_medal
    Some minor fixes for Daemons as well.

How to load:

  1.     Load up your choice of HEN
  2.     Load the Orbis-Toolbox-{Your Firmware}.bin payload.
  3.     Navigate to the settings to start using the toolbox.


Download Links Below :
- Orbis-Toolbox-505.bin
- Orbis-Toolbox-672.bin

- Orbis-Toolbox-702.bin

- Orbis-Toolbox-755.bin

- Orbis-Toolbox-900.bin

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