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PSVita Better Homebrew Browser 0.61b



Developer Ibrahim778 has released an update to Better Homebrew Browser, pushing it to version 0.61B. This new release fixes several bugs.

What is Better Homebrew Browser for PS Vita

There are multiple “homebrew store” kind of applications for the PS Vita, which let you browse, download, and install homebrew applications and games for your PS Vita. There are other tools that do similar things such as Vita Homebrew Browser or EasyVPK.

Better Homebrew Browser might be an alternative for you, in particular since the program claims to be “blazing fast”, and not take “10 minutes to load”, a jab to the competition.


  1. It is the second ever app to use Sony’s PlayStation Application Framework (PAF)
  2. It is blazing fast
  3. It is multithreaded, so you won’t get stopped by a single screenshot
  4. It doesn’t take 10 minutes to load (cough)
  5. It has background downloading
  6. It can download from both CBPS-DB and VitaDB
  7. It looks, sounds and feels almost exactly like the official PlayStation Store App
  8. It can be opened alongside other apps
  9. It has tunes (Yes, I’ve ran out of things now)

Download and install Better Homebrew Browser 0.61B 


Download From Here



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