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PS3 webMAN Classics Maker v2.0 GUI Release


The first GUI release is finally ready! All future versions will be using a GUI.


  • Better PS2 compatibility: it prioritize BC hardware over software (PS2_EMU -> PS2_GXEMU -> PS2_NETEMU)
  • One-press-play: Starts yours ISOs directly from the XMB
  • Organize ISOs on the XMB: Looks exactly like a regular installed title on the XMB
  • USB-peripherals: Buzzers, Lightguns, Singstar, GuitarHero all work (PS2 Classics can't do this)
  • Compatible with all ISOs (PSX/PS2/PS3)



  1. Download webman classics maker from github
  2. Download and Install the latest webMan-mod on your PS3 (hold L1 for full installation in second step)
  3. Upload or dump ISO backups of your games to the usual webman folders (PSXISO/PS2ISO etc)
  4. Find your PS3 IP-address (shows up in VHS menu of your PS3)
  5. Run Webman_Classics_Maker
  6. Enter the IP-address in the PS3-IP field
  7. Press Fetch to get your game list, be patient
  8. Choose a game in the list, all info will be filled in
  9. [optional] Click and swap any images such as ICON0 and PIC1 to your liking
  10. Press Build to make your new game pkg and install it on your PS3
  11. $Profit 

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