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PS3 webMAN MOD v1.47.29 (CFW/HEN) by Aldostools

The developer @aldostools continues to progress / improve and continue with great support on the webMAN MOD plugin for a jailbroken PS3 (CFW or HEN).

In recent updates the developer has been adding even more functionality and stability in wMM. While version 1.47.28 was released back in late May the dev has made several commits to the version before upping to 1.47.29 in recent days.  

Looking at the recent changelogs there is a number of significant changes seen in these recent updates. A few of the many include the updated MAMBA (8.3), which now provides detection of burnt (Copied) PS3 Disc, Other changes include a "Remote file viewer", ps3netsrv improvements and fixes, PrepISO improvements and updates to various tools / optional add-on to webMAN MOD along other changes to the plugin as well. Checkout all the details in the developer's changelogs below detailing all the tweaks of recent.

Recent Changelogs​

webMAN MOD 1.47.29
  •     Attempt to fix XMB freeze caused by other backup managers that clear the mapped paths
  •     Cumulative update (includes over 35 commits to the suite of tools)

webMAN MOD 1.47.28
  •     Remote file viewer using web command: /hexview.ps3
  •     Added CUE parsing & multi-track support for PS2 CD ISO.
  •     New menu option "Reload My Games + XMB" (Requires Reload_XMB.pkg & ★ app_home/PS3_GAME)
  •     Now max fan speed can be set as low as 40% (formerly was 50%)
  •     PKG files scanned with prepISO or stored in ps3netsrv now install directly after mount
  •     Raised limit to 98 in number of tracks allowed in PSXISO. More games are now playable (w/issues).
  •     CUE command PREGAP now is ignored, improving results in audio of some PSX games that had problems.
  •     prepISO now use same CUE parser used by of webMAN. Also parses CCD cue sheet files.
  •     prepISO now scans for content in /PS3, /MUSIC, /THEME, /UPDATE, /ROMS
  •     {Use with moderation, each BDFILE created contains only a single file. XMB can be cluttered easily]
  •     Mamba 8.3 now detects burned PS3 discs if PS3_GAME is found in root directory
  •     Fixed regression of ps3netsrv on Linux builds
  •     Cumulative update (includes over 40 commits to the suite of tools)
  •     ps3netsrv: Improved detection of INI files used to map paths to folder (thanks to @Dvvarf )
  •     ps3netsrv: Fixed mapping of UNC paths when INI file use CRLF (fix by aldostools)
  •     video recorder plugin now uses its default memory container (4-bg) . It can be changed in [MC] of /setup.ps3

Download: webMAN_MOD_1.47.29_Installer.pkg

Optional Add-ons

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