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PS3 N64 Emulator PS3 PoC Port by emukidid

Its great to see this emulator and its source finally emerge and perhaps gives some hope or inspirations for others to bring this project full circle and create a stable n64 emulator for the PS3.​

Found this on my HDD from way back in 2011 when we were messing with porting wii64 (mupen64) to the PS3. It has preliminary hardware rendered graphics (RSX) limited to a handful of games as well as pure interpreter only and bad audio.


  •     No audio
  •     No hardware accelerated graphics
  •     Basic input
  •     Pure interpreter
  •     Menu?
  •     USB loading?
  •     USB saving?


If someone would like to try and get it compiling with PSL1GHT v2 ( then I'd be happy to try and merge upstream changes from newer Wii64 releases back into this or even try at porting the Wii64 dynarec over. Issues we'd run into at the time with the state of homebrew on the PS3 were mostly due to the newness of the library and toolchain but also the fact that we couldn't get decent performance at all from the pure interpreter and we were unable to execute from heap (no dynarec). The pure interpreter ran faster on the Wii than it did with the PS3's main CPU, probably due to the fact that there's no branch prediction.

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