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PS4 Easy PKG Extractor (v1.0.1) by Lapy

Extract your installed PKGs to USB

This new PS4 Homebrew utility titled as Easy PKG Extractor runs on a 5.05 exploited PS4 system. While the app does not perform a task that can't be done already via FTP, it does provide a much easier way for some user's to backup installed pkgs of Games or Apps. Basically, If you have something installed but want to free up some space on your internal drive or just want to store it for later time, but do not want to have to re-download the entire pkg again if you simply just delete it. Well, the option to extract the pkg to a USB connected storage device is now easier then ever,. This handy utility will backup your content into pkg format and dump to a connected USB device, so it then can be installed at a later time

Easy PKG Extractor

Easy PKG Extractor App for PS4 5.05 aimed at less experienced users. Allows extract PKGs installed in the console to a USB device connected to it. There are other ways to do this using FTP or PS4-Xplorer, but it is not as simple as with this app.
Update 1.01 - PS4 Fixing a problem with the name of some files and with the calculation of the percentage of the progress bar. Thank you very much to @NagatoRevenge for testing it and to
@Vijay71518636 for the feedback​
  • The utility will automatically determines which port the USB device is connected to (usb0 or usb1).
  • It shows a progress bar to know the percentage of our copy.
  • Allows you to cancel the copy at any time.

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