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PS2 Classic GUI for PlayStation 4

PS2 Classic GUI (by @The Darkprogramer ) is an essential utility for PlayStation 4 user's with homebrew capabilities (aka jailbroken) console when it comes to the creation of your own Custom PS2 Classic packages. These packages can contain your individual ps2 game's from your collection to use one your PS4 or you can even prepare homebrew pkgs, as some PS2 Homebrew is capable of running through the Ps2 classic emulator on the PS4 (a few examples). This utility makes preparing and customizing the packages very user friendly (includes a built-in tutorial) and then exported is a ready to install pkg on your PS4 capable of running homebrew (currently that is from the PS4HEN exploit on firmware 5.05)

PS4 - PS2 Classic's GUI
This will install the base version all other versions will be updated on startup​


  •     Temp Directory Change from settings
  •     Advanced window (just debug output from what i do in the application)
  •     Multiple ISO Support
  •     Custom Ps2 Config
  •     Removed some unused code (commented out for now will remove in a new release)

Download (base version)

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