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PS3 CFW & HEN Advanced Power Options (v1.10) XMB MOD

A handy XMB (main menu) modification for the PlayStation 3 that is now compatible with either CFW (Custom FirmWare) or HEN (Homebrew ENabler) has been updated to v1.10 with a new name as well. This project has seen contributions from various developer's that include @DeViL303, @kozarovv, @mysis @Joonie and @lmn7 and collectively have created Advance Power Options (v1.10). This sleek mod allows for additional Power Options to be displayed and executed with ease from the comfort of the XMB. The new inclusions for your XMB will include a fast Shut Down (no conformation is asked), A Soft Reboot (a faster reboot, doesn't completely shutdown system) or a Hard Reboot (which shuts down slower, as it's a complete system restart). Plus, the mod provides a few additional Advanced Options and these include the ability to Reboot in Recovery Mode (which can be a handy feature, as the official method from Sony involves a process of holding the power button down on your console for awhile), If you desire even faster access to a few functions within the Recovery Mode the devs have you covered here as well as there is options to Rebuild Database or Check the File-System on reboot by selection those included options on the XMB as well. For HEN user's that about sums up things, but CFW user's you have one more additional function which is optional but Also included is an optional pkg to Boot into OtherOS. Overall, this is a great collection of work and a superb modification for your PS3's XMB to add new functionality. View a preview of this mod before installing it, by checking out the developer's YouTube video included below (video coverage is of v1.04) to get an idea of what this mod is all about for CFW and now HEN user's also.

Advanced Power Options for all CFW & HEN

Should work universally on all CFW and HEN

New features in v1.10:

  • Used a sprx that is signed with 3.55 keys to work on HEN
  • Now universally compatible with HEN and all CFW.
  • No changes for CFW users so no need to update
HEN and CFW users, Make sure you have dev_blind mounted to install this. Otherwise you will get a 8001003A error and it will fail to install properly.​

FYI HEN users: The shutdown option is the only one that will work without HEN enabled. If you try to use the reboot options it will kick you to Recovery Mode, if that happens just press the PS button.

CFW users: This installs a Boot OtherOS pkg to dev_hdd0/packages/ obviously that is only for CFW so if you dont need it, or are on HEN, then just delete that pkg.

Power Options:

    Reload XMB
    Shut Down (no confirmation)
    Soft Reboot
    Hard Reboot
    Advanced Options
    >> Reboot into a Database Rebuild
    >> Reboot into a Filesystem Check
    >> Reboot into Recovery Mode (NOR)
    >> Reboot into Recovery Mode (NAND)
    >> Boot into OtherOS (Optional package built in, install from system storage to add)

Optional (CFW): After installing this, you wil find a new Boot OtherOS package in your package manager > System Storage, install that if you want the Boot OtherOS icon to show inside the advanced options menu

Thanks to @aldostools and @lmn7 for research on the "force install to" packages. I think I am going to be using them a lot from now on.

Thanks to @mysis for the xai plugin, @Joonie for the BootOtherOS pkg @kozarovv for the reload xmb app, and thanks to @Bobby_Downgrades for the original idea. Also thanks to lmn7 for the custom tool that repacked the pkg.

Download From Here

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