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PS4 Exploit Server for 5.05 Firmware by OhcHIT

Following my Simple Payload Loader, this is a joint server with 505_exploit_Server @ohcHIT & RPI_GUI installer @Sc0rpion for jailbroken PlayStation 4 5.05 consoles.

Also this is a WIP so all features may not work 100


PS4 and your PC must be on the same network and see each other

1. Clean all traces from previous HEN, clean cookies, cache
2. Install the PKG (remote_pkg_installer.pkg PS4 by FlatZ)
3. In the folder www you place all off your .pkg
4. Run UwAmp.exe
5. Access the browser at http: // : 8080, not http: // localhost: 8080
6. Access the browser on the PS4
7. Run HEN 1.8 from 505 exploit server on the PS4 browser
8. Run remote_pkg_installer.pkg from ps4 home screen
9. Go to PC web browser (pkgs go in the www folder)
10. Enter the ip of your PS4 and choose a game from the list, or next time it’s rainy to automatically enter its url
11.Go back to exploit host on ps4 browser for other payload options



1. HEN 1.8
2. Remote PKG installer running on the PS4
3. RPI_GUI from the PC

Download From Here

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