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PS3 CCAPI (Control Console API) v2.80 R4 adds 4.83 CFW (CEX)

A new update has been released to CCAPI (aka Control Console API) from ps3 developer Enstone to support 4.83 CEX

based Custom Firmware. This utility (a ps3 homebrew used with either the PC/Android frontend) serves various purpose such as certain types of game modding, providing a wireless connection from your PS3 to either a PC or Android powered device for transmitting and performing various functions remotely as defined in the release notes provided for the notes provided below.. Checkout the download at the developer's official website linked below

Additional 4.83 Custom Firmware / Tools / Apps that have received updates to support 4.83 FW 

ControlConsole API (CCAPI)

CCAPI is a software that establishes a connection between your ps3 and another device such as your computer or your smartphone. You can control your ps3 with it

A few functions available:
  1.     Game modding
  2.     Debug non-fself & fself in real time
  3.     Wireless connection
  4.     Modify idps and psid
  5.     Edit console Leds
  6.     Ring console buzzer
  7.     Get ps3 temperature


  1.     2.80
  2.     (rev4) Added 4.83 CEX support
  3.     (rev3) Added 4.82 DEX support
  4.     (rev2) Reduced memory use
  5.     Added ps3 TOOL support (with DEX/CEX kernel only)
  6.     Added console finder into consolemanager
  7.     Added vsh menu
  8.     Added 4.82 CEX support 

Download Links :

CCAPI Console Manager For Android

CCAPI 2.80 REV4 Package
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