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RetroArch v1.7.4 For PS3 / VITA / PSP And other platforms updated

The latest release of RetroArch with the arrival of version 1.7.4

The libretro team has dropped the latest release of RetroArch with the arrival of version 1.7.4 and it appears all/most supported platforms have seen a version bump and that includes the PS Vita (&pstv) / PlayStation 3 (PS3) & PlayStation Portable (PSP) with several platform spefic changes for those platforms. Also we see a good amount of global changes seen throughout all ports. While also some features being unavailable for some platforms. For all the changes and details checkout the info below and also the source link provided for the FULL RELEASE NOTES, as below is just a summary and some additional core info we provided.. How is the PS3 / PSP / VITA ports doing for you now in v1.7.4? Comment below and let us know your experiences..

Current Version v1.7.4 (across all platforms)​

RetroArch v1.7.4
RetroArch 1.7.4 has just been released! Grab it here (all platforms). This latest version has also been uploaded to the Google Play Store. This is the 32bit version. We also have a brand new 64bit version for users with 64bit capable devices. You can grab that one here. More on that version later!
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Highlights (See release post for full details link, not all features are supported across all platforms)
  1. 64bit version of RetroArch Android
  2. Discord integration
  • Read the blog article below for a more detailed indepth article on this feature > > >
  • Desktop UI massively improved
    • Create new playlists easily by drag and drop!
    • (Windows only for now) In-app RetroArch update!
    • Live shader editing with the desktop UI!
    • Download all thumbnails for a playlist with Desktop UI!
    • Core options in desktop UI!
  • Sync To Exact Content Frame Rate – Ideal for G-Sync/FreeSync users!
    • Read the blog article below for a more detailed indepth article on this feature > > >
  • Cheat code searching/creation interface with rumble features
    • Read the blog article below for a more detailed indepth article on this feature > > >,,,,,

General Changelog

  1. ANDROID: Add sustained performance mode, can be turned on/off in Power Management settings menu.
  2. ANDROID: Powerstate/battery level support.
  3. CHEEVOS: Fix crash when scrolling Achievement List while Unofficial Achievements enabled (#6732).
  4. CHEEVOS: Added hitcounts support for PauseIf/ResetIf (#6817).
  5. COMMON: Automatically hide “Configuration Override options” in Quick Menu.
  6. COMMON: Small Bugfix to not trigger savestate code when pressing Reset.
  7. COMMON: Added libsixel video driver.
  8. EMSCRIPTEN: Fix Game Focus Toggle.
  9. HID/OSX: Fix to set hid device registration deterministic (#6497), to address issue #6640 re-adding dynamic device registration.
  10. LOCALIZATION: Update Italian translation.
  11. LOCALIZATION: Update Japanese translation.
  12. LOCALIZATION: Update Polish translation.
  13. LOCALIZATION: Update Portuguese / Brazilian translation.
  14. LOCALIZATION: Update Russian translation.
  15. LOCALIZATION: Update Spanish translation.
  16. MIDI: Add MIDI support to the libretro API. Dosbox is the first proof of concept core implementing libretro MIDI.
  17. MIDI: Add a Windows driver for MIDI, based on winmm.
  18. MENU/QT/WIMP: Qt QSlider styling for Dark Theme.
  19. MENU/QT/WIMP: Remove button ghostly inside highlighting.
  20. MENU/QT/WIMP: Initial grid view.
  21. MENU/QT/WIMP: Drag&drop to add new playlist items, add option to add/edit/delete playlists.
  22. MENU/QT/WIMP: Add menu option to update RetroArch (Windows only for now).
  23. MENU/QT/WIMP: Add menu option to manage shaders.
  24. MENU/QT/WIMP: Add menu option to manage core options.
  25. MENU/XMB: Add new icons for the settings
  26. MENU/XMB: Add an option to show the desktop ui
  27. METAL: Initial work-in-progress video driver for Metal. macOS-only right now, and currently requires macOS 10.13.
  28. METAL: Supports XMB/MaterialUI, has a menu display driver. Has a font rendering driver.
  29. METAL/SLANG: Slang shaders should be compatible with Metal video driver.
  30. NETWORK: Enable SSL/TLS support by default for desktop platforms.
  31. QNX: Fix Game Focus Toggle.
  32. PS3: Add audio mixer support for FLAC and MP3.
  33. PSP: Use proper button labels, fix inverted R-Stick Y axis.
  34. REMAPS: Fix the way offsets are calculated for keyboard remapping.
  35. RUNAHEAD: Fix full-screen mode change breaking Secondary Core’s environment variables.
  36. RUNAHEAD: Deterministic input for RunAhead, guaranteed to match the last polled.
  37. VITA: Use proper button labels, fix inverted R-Stick Y axis.
  38. VITA: Add imc0: mount.
  39. VITA: Use sceCtrlIsMultiControllerSupported to detect.
  40. VULKAN: Fix two validation errors.
  41. VULKAN: Try to avoid creating swapchains redundantly. Should fix black screen and having to alt tab out of window again to get display working on Nvidia GPUs (Windows).
  42. VULKAN/OSX: Initial MoltenVK support. Not enabled yet, several MoltenVK bugs should be fixed first before we can have it fully working.
  43. WINDOWS/DINPUT: Add rumble support.
  44. WINDOWS/DINPUT: Fix Game Focus Toggle.
  45. WINDOWS/RAWINPUT: Fix Game Focus Toggle.
  46. X11: Fix Game Focus Toggle.
  47. WII: Change deflicker setting to work in 480p or higher, and always enables vfilter so that the user can easily change brightness.
  48. WIIU: Fix out-of-bounds rendering bug
  49. WIIU: Implement UDP broadcast network logging on Wii U.
  50. WIIU: Audio should no longer clip.

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