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PS3 CFW SEN Enabler v6.0.7

Important Bug Fix Release for 4.82 by Evilnat

Developer Evilnat creator of various PS3 Homebrew & Tools has released version 6.0.7 of SEN Enabler and has fully addressed the issues with 4.82 and v6.0.6 with squashing the bugs that caused some setups various issues. The developer has great symphony for those affected and goes in detail on what the issues were and who they affected. All issues have been identified and fixed in this latest version and the dev has added new checks to help prevent these errors from occurring with various Cobra CFW's that were affected. View all the details from Evilnat in the details provided below​ 

Improvements v6.0.7

+ SEN Enabler
  •     Updated Cobra data
  •     Cobra version is now showed in PS3 Info
  •     Cobra support for DEX CFW (4.50/4.65)
  •     Cobra support for CFW Overflow/Spy
  •     Fixed Cobra stage2 for 4.76/4.78/4.81 Rebug/4.82 Rebug
  •     Fixed MAC patch on newer Firmwares
  •     Real MAC/SPOOFED is now showed in PS3 Info
  •     Fixed XMB Modes on CFWs 4.82
  •     Fixed memory issue with webMAN MOD on CEX
  •     Improved code

+ Plugin
  •     Updated to v3.0
  •     Fixed MAC patch on newer Firmwares
  •     Plugin now uses *.TXT patch files instead default *.BIN
  •     Improved code

Block all these URLs on Charles or similar: (Maybe you need to change "es" to your region, "us", etc...)

This new version has some changes and fixes:
  • Issues with Cobra on 4.82: Some issues with Cobra was fixed but one was important on any CFW 4.82 Cobra causing black screen, here is my explication:
Evilnat said:

The issue was on SEN Enabler's stage2 hash patch only on 4.82 CFW with Cobra (Ferrox/Spy/Overflow...), hash build fails randomly and can't store it on stage2 causing black screen while stage2 is loading 

That black screen will not allow to load XMB/Recovery Menu, the only fix are the following:

NOR: Delete PS3's entire HDD on PC, this will delete stage2.bin, turn on the PS3 and it will ask to install version and format the HDD
NAND: You will need a hardware flasher, downgrade/reinstall to other CFW NOT Cobra avoiding stage2 start
I apologize to all who have suffered this issue, all SEN Enabler version are tested many times before being released and i never saw blackscreen issue on 4.82 in my tests, i tried again v6.0.6 on my friend's NOR PS3 and failed at 6th try. Really, i'm so sorry
Issues with MAC spoof: Spoofing MAC function did not work in some newer PS3 FW, now works fine in all FW version. Now SEN Enabler's PS3 info window will show original and spoofed MAC
SEN Plugin Patch Files: SEN Plugin used [*.BIN] patch files, now uses default SEN Enabler [*.TXT] files, there is no need to use *.BIN, you can patch with your current IDs on ConsoleID.txt, PSID.txt and MAC.txt, but only on USB device for SEN Plugin.
Support for CEX/DEX CFW Cobra: I fixed issues on Cobra DEX for 4.50 and 4.65, many will remember that i disabled support for those version because caused black screen like 4.82.Atm for DEX, Cobra support is added for 4.50, 4.65 and all D-REX Rebug, i don't know if there are more Cobra version for DEX (searched and didn't found) but if you try to Enable-Disable SEN/Custom Spoof/Restore Spoof/9.99 Spoof without Cobra support the next message will appear

If you see that message your current CFW needs Cobra support, you can try to send me a screenshot of this message or only yellow text string to my Twitter and i will check it out.
Why i am doing this? This is a security measure, if some CFW doesn't have Cobra support, would have possibilities to give black screen, because if vsh is modified its hash can change too (sometimes it's the same), and i need to test the new hash with all CFW functions. Only supported CEX/DEX Cobra version and fully tested will be added to SEN Enabler

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