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PS3 Ferrox Custom Firmware 4.82 Standard v1.0 by Alexander

PS3 Custom Firmware FERROX 4.82 Standard v1.0

Here we are, after the Sony release of OFW version 4.82, the CyberModding staff immediately started working. And after working with developers we have been able to release the new version of the Custom Firmware FERROX 4.82 Standard in no time. This is the first version of FERROX, and of course the others will follow!


  •     Built on the base of OFW 4.82 SONY.
  •     PSN / SEN Enabled.
  •     Upgrade from any CFW (CEX).
  •     Possibility to upgrade from OFW 3.55.
  •     Downgrade from any CFW with QA Flags active.
  •     QA Flags are active if you have previously enabled.
  •     FEATURE - PS2 Games Compatibility.
  •     FEATURES - Compatibility with the latest version of ReactPSN.
  •     FEATURE - RSOD Screen Bypass for Console with RSOD.
  •     FEATURE - Key 4.82 to launch Games with Keys 4.82.
  •     FEATURE - App_home / PS3_GAME.
  •     FEATURE - Support XMB In-Game Screenshots.
  •     FEATURE - Remote Play Support.
  •     PATCH - LV1: Patch to remove the LV2 Protection.
  •     PATCH - LV1: Patch CoreOS Hash Check to Prevent Brick on Downgraded Non-Dehashed Consoles.
  •     PATCH - LV1: Peek & Poke.
  •     PATCH - LV2: Peek & Poke.
  •     PATCH - PS3 BT Remote Patch.
  •     PATCH - PS3 BluRay Disc Patch.
  •     PATCH - Disabled Epilepsy Message to Boot.
  •     PATCH - CINTAW Protection Disabled.

  1.     Download the CFW and Rename the .PUP file exactly in: PS3UPDAT.PUP
  2.     Take a USB formatted in FAT32, and create a new folder named PS3, inside this creature another called UPDATE, and then insert the PS3UPDAT.PUP File, which would be the Custom Firmware.
  3.     Insert the USB into the uppermost port on the Ps3.
  4.     Make sure to : Remove any disk from the Ps3 player, Remove any Games Loaded with Any Manager, Disable the Internet Connection.
  5.     Ok. You can choose to install CFW from XMB or Recovery.
  6.     On XMB just go to the 'Settings' column, then 'System Update' and choose 'Through Storage Media'. Select CFW and start the process.
  7.     To enter Recovery instead, turn off the Console. Press and hold the Power button until the console switches off again. Now turn on again by holding down the Power key until you hear 2 close beeps. Then release the Power button! From the Recovery menu now, select 'System Update' and follow the instructions.
  8.     For a clean installation, you can install CFW 2 times. You can also go back to Recovery and choose Options to Rebuild the Database and Restore the File System. So you will have a cleaner and more secure installation.


    Consoleinfo - CECHJ04
    LizZo - CECH-2104A
    Dodero4 - CECH-2504A
    MiZiO90 - CECH2004A
    WAR - CECH2004A

Download Ferrox  Custom Firmware 4.82 Standard v1.0

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