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PS Vita [Plugin} O'clock Vita Minimal

taiHEN plugin for overclocking your PSVita​

This is a minimalist version of Oclock Vita plugin which belongs to frangarcj ( I removed the menu code and button hooks, it now auto-activates at start and set the CPU/GPU to max. All credits to frangarcj, i love his work, i haven't added a single line of code to his release, i only erased some stuff. This was meant for my private use but since some people showed interest

O'clock Vita Minimal

    Put "oclockvitaminimal.suprx" in 'tai' folder in the root of your Vita.
    Change config.txt in that directory to load plugin for title of your choice by adding new lines like below:
        # titleid for your game (this one is for Root//Letter for example)
    After that just run the game. It will set the CPU/GPU to max when the game is started.

Download: oclockvita

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