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PS Vita AppManager PLUS v2.0 released

The developer gdljjrod of the ONElua team has now released version 2.0 and one of the highlight features in this update


USB mode available by pressing START in the File Explorer.
FTP mode has been moved to the Options Submenu (pressing triangle on the File Explorer).
Vpk scanning option has been optimized, now, when you enter this option it will do a fast search on the next paths:
"ux0:video/", "ux0:data/", "ux0:data/vpk/", "ux0:/vpk/", "ux0:/vpks/"
"ur0:video/", "ur0:data/", "ur0:data/vpk/", "ur0:/vpk/", "ur0:/vpks/"
If no vpks files are found, it will automatically do a full search on ux0: and ur0:
NOTE: The .mp4 files found will be renamed to .vpk, only if the .mp4 files really are .vpk.
I the case of iso/cso files, the game will be moved to ux0:pspemu/ISO or ur0:pspemu/ISO depending on the iso/cso file origin.

The CustomThemes option now only shows Custom Themes, because the Oficial Themes can not be uninstalled with this app.
The option Install Game for installation of games from folder has been improved (this way you dont need double the space on the memory card).
""Special thanks to Wz-jk for graphic design""

Download  AppManagerPLUS2.vpk

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