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PS3 XMB Package Downloader (XMBPD) v0.70

XMBPD v 0.70 (by DeViL303) - New NoPSN pkgs / Manager / Utilties & more added in this update
@DeViL303 has a new update with some new additions to the Homebrew Store that conveniently invades your XMB. XMBPD or (XMB Package Downloader) now has been updated to version 0.70 and this update adds some new things such as over 60 No-PSN pkgs from esc0rtd3w,who has been on a tear lately with his noPSN findings and research, plus this update adds some updated managers and utilities & also a new XMBPD Rebugification skin from Berion can be seen in v0.70. 

v0.70 Changes
- Added over 60 No-PSN pkgs
- Updated the webMAN Mod, PSN Patch, PrepNTFS and ManaGunZ packages, added Gamepad Test v1.0.
- Added 10 "PSN not required" apps to the PSN category.
- Added an XMBPD Rebugification skin to the style switcher

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