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PS3 CFW 4.81 FERROX COBRA 7.3 UPDATED v1.01 by Alexander

Update [November 20 2016] Version 1.01+ Released (Bug Fix Cobra now fully operational)

Following the release 4.81 FERROX Standard Edition CFW, Alexander has now put the finishing touches on 4.81 FERROX COBRA (7.3) CFW. This firmware comes with all the features of the Standard Edition plus has Cobra v7.3 and all the features like plugin support on boot, ISO support for PS3/PS2/PSP ect, NetISO Support (network loading/streaming of games and movies with ps3netsrv) .  

After considering the reports of some users, alexander updated version 1.01. Console on some fact was not syncing the controller to 'start, if you turn on the console via the Wireless Controller in the same mode. In fact, using the cable, or turning on with POWER button, the problem would not show up. Well, the problem was solved. This problem had previously seen on some firmware. The problem was in the TAR. On the advice of Developer Habib, and Evilnat collaboration, here we give the revision 1.01+


  • Fixed the Controller to sync Boot via the Wireless Controller for PS button.
  • Fixed XMB InGame.

Download From here

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