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PS3 webMAN MOD v1.43.36

NEW support to DL & Auto Install PKGs, + additional changes

webMAN MOD 1.43.36
  • Added support for download & auto install pkgs. Syntax: /install.pkg?url=
  • Install PKG combo now auto-install all pkgs in hdd0/packages
  • /install.ps3 now deletes the pkg after installation
  • Use /install_ps3 to keep the pkg after installation
  • Added conditional install of pkg: /install.ps3?
  • Added support for download .xm! as .xml
  • Pkgs are now downloaded to a temporary folder then moved
  • Limited delete pkg after install to hdd0 only
  • Added support to install local theme files (*.p3t)
  • Added online covers to lite edition
  • Added scan in ISO folder for covers named as .JPG
  • Added list of last games to root of file manager
  • Icon sizer value now is retained after close the browser
  • Changed algorithm for covers scanning to: ISO folder > MM Covers > ICON0
    (instead of MM > ISO > ICON0)
  • Added support for sorting directories by date/size/name
  • Added support for wildcards in ftp directory listing
  • Fixed ftp navigation using the browsers
  • Changed PASV mode in ps3mapi to work in the same way as the ftp server
  • Added mount by name: /mount.ps3?
  • Added support for filter file listing using: /path?
  • Added /restart.ps3?min to reboot & show min fw version
  • Added swap buttons commands (the system is rebooted):
    /pad.ps3?cross=enter, /pad.ps3?circle=enter, /pad.ps3?cross=swap
  • Added ability to set default restart mode. e.g. /restart.ps3?quick$
  • Added link from /TROPDIR/NPWR* to trophy dir of current user
  • Added link from /LICDIR to home to savedata dir of current user
  • Removed selection of user account from /setup.ps3
  • /copy.ps3 now uses the home folder of the current user
  • Changed behavior of /copy.ps3 (for faster copy)
  • Now existing files with the same file size are not overwritten
  • /copy_ps3 overwrite the existing files (formerly /copy.ps3)
  • /copy.ps3 from hdd0 now copies to the first usb drive * previously the default usb drive was usb000
  • Added 'Copy & overwrite' option to fm.js (popup menu)
  • Removed support for droidMAN in lite edition
  • Removed polling of wm_request file (due performance impact)
    • Combos still use wm_request file, but it's processed directly
  • Removed buggy code added recently for psx audio processing
  • Added offline mode that disable network when games start
  • Added exception list /dev_hdd0/tmp/wm_online_ids.txt for auto-disable network
  • Now the fan speed is increased critically only if the temperature warning is enabled in /setup.ps3 and the temperature is > 85°C
  • Updated webMAN_IT.xml (thanks to smikk)
  • PARAM.SFO multi5 of updater & prepNTFS (thanks to smikk)
  • Re-added standalone plugin video_rec.sprx
  • Added disc icon with link to /bdvd to the bottom of all the pages
  • Changed link in 'size column' of /app_home to home of user in File Manager
  • Added keyboard shortcuts to /setup.ps3
  • Added combo l2_r2
  • Several code optimizations and bug fixes.
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    • webMAN Portal:

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