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WebMAN Mod 1.42.02 and WebMAN Mod 1.42.03

Only For PS3 With CFW

 webMAN MOD 1.42.02

- Support 4.75 DEX, thx to Alexander to porting offsets patches, i'm to lazy to do it
- Now control fan is disabled by default on the first boot of webMAN MOD (requested by lot of users)
- Updated Italian xml file

 webMAN MOD 1.42.03

- Complete support for 4.60 DEX
- Added new memory footprint profil MAX+ (1280KB)
- Corrected some offsets patch for 4.75dex
- Added Osirisx's changes for his plugin (PS3XPAD)
- Redirect net_host/PKG to app_home to allow install pkg files using the combo for net0/net1
- BD/DVD regions now also show the country/region (in addition to code)
- Now XMB is sorted by first 6 letters, instead of first 4 letters.
- The function that read the registry is now a general purpose function (with small optimizations)
- Changed some hard coded numbers to defined constants (e.g. SC_COBRA_SYSCALL8, MAX_XMB_ITEMS)
- Small bug fix in line that says: //net0/net1/net2
- Other small fixes that I don't remember
Download Links Below :

WebMAN Mod 1.42.02 : Download

WebMAN Mod 1.42.03 : Downlaod

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August 19, 2015 at 8:40 AM delete

Are you going to made one for FERROX? and someone please can made a program that let you remarry you disc driver with out the need of downgrade to 3.55