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Ultra-Rare 20th Anniversary PS4 Sells For $129,000

Plus, Sony to match the price paid for a total donation of around $258,000 to a Japanese charity.

The online auction for the world's rarest PlayStation 4 has ended, with the console selling for an incredible ¥15.135 million, or about $129,000, The Wall Street Journal confirmed on Monday.

What made the console so rare? The system in question was a 20th Anniversary PS4 console, but not just any unit; it was the first of only 12,300 ever produced, making it the ultimate collector's item.

The PS4 was sold through Yahoo! Auctions, open only to bidders in Japan. It received more than 1,500 bids before closing yesterday, January 25.

"We appreciate all who participated in the auction and are surprised at the highest bid price, which was higher than our expectations," a Sony representative told WSJ.

Sony is now in the process of reaching out to the auction winner to arrange for payment. Per Sony's original agreement, it will donate the price paid for the system, along with a matching donation, to Save the Children Japan. That means Sony will give a gift of around $258,000 to the charity.

Sony released the 20th Anniversary PS4 in December 2014 to celebrate the original PlayStation's launch in Japan in December 1994. Units sold out in a matter of minutes. For everything you need to know about the console, 

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