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New Tegra X1 Mobile Chip Revealed By Nvidia

Twice as powerful as last year's K1.

Nvidia unveiled the new Tegra X1 mobile processor at its CES 2015 keynote on Sunday, which the company claims will bring "supercomputer-class power" to mobile devices.

The Tegra X1 "super chip" runs on an 8-core, 64-bit ARM CPU and a 256-core Maxwell GPU. It will launch with support for DirectX 12 and OpenGL 4.5.

Chief executive of Nvidia, Jen-Hsun Huang, claims the Tegra X1 is twice as powerful as last year's Tegra K1. Huang told CNET that the X1 can "run any application that relies on the architecture of Maxwell," including games supported by desktop GPUs of similar capability

With all its processing power put together, the X1 performs one trillion floating-point calculations per second – a teraflop of computational power.

To showcase its capabilities, Nvidia rendered the Elemental tech demo – a video built in Epic's Unreal Engine 4 – on a smartphone powered by the Tegra X1.

The full tech specs for the Tegra X1 below are taken from its official product page. You can also read more on Nvidia's blog

  • GPU: NVIDIA Maxwell 256-core GPU. DX-12, OpenGL 4.4, NVIDIA CUDA®, OpenGL ES 3.1, and AEP.
  • CPU: 8 CPU-core, 64-bit ARM® CPU. 4x A57 2MB L2; 4x A53 512KB L2
  • Video: H.265, VP9 4K 60 fps Video. 4k H.265, 4k VP9, 4k H.264
  • Power: 20 nm SOC - TSMC. Isolated Power Rails, Fourth-Generation Cluster Switching
  • Display: 4K x 2K @60 Hz, 1080p @120 Hz. HDMI 2.0 60 fps, HDCP 2.2
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