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Nintendo 3DS XL Discontinued in Japan

Nintendo of Japan plans to stop selling the 3DS XL in Japan in the near future.

Siliconera reports the company is "ending production soon" of the model, though the original 3DS will remain available. The move means anyone wanting a larger 3DS model will have to opt for one of the New 3DS XL handhelds, though this shouldn't be too problematic - it's been the best-selling model in the 3DS family since it launched.

At the moment there's no news about whether Nintendo of Europe and America will follow suit, which isn't surprising as we don't even know when we'll see the revamped handhelds on this side of the world yet. Once they're out, though, it's likely this will happen at some point.

The redesigned models of the 3DS and 3DS XL, which feature additional controls, an improved screen and CPU, better battery life, and built-in support for Nintendo's amiibo range, were announced in August. For full impressions, check out what we thought when we got to grips with the revamped handhelds.

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