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Major Update Hits Destiny

New features and fixes arrive.

A major patch hit Destiny today, with new weapons buffs, additional upgrade material acquisition paths, and other changes made in preparation the upcoming The Dark Below expansion. 

Exotic weapons and armor buffs are part of the new update, with the requirement for Ascendant Materials to upgrade to Exotic no longer being required. Other weapon and armor specific changes with today's update include the requirement of an Exotic Shard in the final upgrade node.

Shards can be obtained either through dismantling unwanted exotics, or purchased from Xur for 7 Strange Coins. Exotics also start at a higher base attack level with a narrowed upgrade range.

Fixes for raids are also part of the update, with an issue where Atheon didn't properly send 3 players through time gates and an exploit where a Templar could be forced off its platform were addressed.

Completing Daily Heroics and completing the Daily Patrol Bounty now drops Destination Materials.

Bungie has a complete list of features and fixes on its website. Destiny's last update was called its "biggest yet," by Bungie, and addressed every one of Destiny's major systems.

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